Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nothing Is

(January 10th, 2009)

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Dear visitor, passerby, stumble-a-crosser, these mixtapes are dear to me, and hold a certain time together. Each mix ties me to a time in my life, and the people and sounds resurface upon each listening, for I have attached someone to each mix in dedication to them. This one, however is attached to no one in particular, and remains one of the hardest mixes to make for me, not in terms of skills or finding music, but just getting the right songs to create a certain atmosphere, and to give you a feeling like you're on some journey for the next 80 minutes.

Nothing Is features Beth Orton, Blue States, Boards of Canada, Get Well Soon, Goldfrapp, Ned Collette, Ohbijou, Red House Painters, Ruby Throat, Stereolab, Taken by Trees, just to name a few.

There isn't anything intense going on in life, so there are no intense emotions stirring around, all I have is my inspiration from distant memories, and a pocket full of new encounters.

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