Sunday, August 25, 2013


(August 24th 2013)


I forgot to make this mix last year so here's making up for two years.  Unlike previous years this mix doesn't reflect all the sounds I had been hearing throughout the summer, instead it is particular to a sound and pace.  I've been playing too many of my mixes on roadtrips only to realize that they might be a bit mellow for the mood so I did some adjustments on this one.  The list of artists on this puppy is well-ranged and there's a fair amount of repeaters.  I'll just ask you to trust me on it because I'd like it to be more of a surprise.  SURPRISE!

Enjoy it, have fun with it, go skinny dipping with it on in the background but make sure you have loud enough speakers to hear it just enough to enjoy the moment you are having with your naked self as well as to have a soundtrack for it.  Go, be freeeeeeeeeee!

Thursday, August 8, 2013


(April 28th, 2013)


I think this might be the ideal mix for a roadtrip as the tracks on this one seemed to speak to a flowing landscape complete with passing trees and barns slowly being passed from a distance.  Lots of jams that keep going until climax and rich mellowness to follow.  I'm doing a horrible job describing this mix so you should probably just bare witness.

Complete with Broadcast, Elbow, Bloodstone, Orcas, Ivy, Junip, Ensemble, Julian Lynch, Kurt Vile, Mac Demarco, Karen Dalton, Ned Collette, Phosphorescent, The Amazing, Cock & Swan, The War on Drugs, Beth Gibbons (of Portishead), and Here We Go Magic.