Monday, December 17, 2012


(December 17th, 2012)

I wanted to challenge myself with this one.  I wanted to swing all over the place and take you on a journey.  You go from experimental modern classical to chamber pop to folk to pop to electronic to chill wave to trip-hop to lo-fi to contemporary singer-songwriter to alternative to psych-folk to minimalist pop to electronic folk to americana to electronic rock to indie to post-rock to chill wave again before trip-top again and finally some hard-to-define Clark with a layered ending that brings you back to the beginning.

With Patrick Watson, M83, Flying Lotus, Mum, Ensemble, Tropic, Clark, Prefuse 73, Yo La Tengo, The Helio Sequence, Ned Collette and Wirewalker, Groove Armada, El Perro Del Mar, Heather Woods Broderick, Jonny Greenwood, Thom Yorke, Moonswift and Sand Snowman, Elbow, The Gentleman Losers, Cass McCombs, and that's it.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Drifters II

(November 22nd, 2012)


There's only two songs with vocals (maybe three, but I'm pretty sure the third is just wordless vocals), there isn't a lot of upbeat, builds that find epic climaxes, nor are there any pop tunes to carry the mix along its three hour journey.  This mix is the rare opportunity I give myself to make an ambient and quiet mix that eases more than it pleases.  It is my C H I L L  O U T session and it is complete with,
Unlearn, Ass, Silver Pines, Aphex Twin, Aus, Lisa Gerard and Pieter Bourke, Funki Porcini, Lisa O Piu, Cock & Swan, Vieo Abiungo, Beggin Your Pardon Miss Joan, Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook, Cliff Martinez, Brian Eno & Harold Budd, Gustavo Santaolalla, A Winged Victory For the Sullen, Orcas, Patrick Watson, Morelenbaum & Sakamoto, Hans Zimmer, Clark, and Stars of the Lid.

RELAX.  Chill out.  And hopefully enjoy the next three hours.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hell To Meet You

(September 18th, 2012)

...Hell To Meet You, it took us an earthly hell to meet, or the hell we put up with, or the hell to it.

After finishing Smokey Face I had a challenge to make a mixtape that still felt fresh, as diverse as that last one, and to also out do myself.  I owe a lot to a certain mix by Jazzanova and and another one by Bent that blew me away at mixtape perfection.  As per usual I take you on an acoustic journey from harsh harmonic electronic sounds and distortions to a beachy pop dream then washing that away with a darkly-lit scene deep in the woods and there comes the bridge.  We come out of that with a smooth-at-the-same-time crunchy sounds of electronic music then rock then jazz rock then new wave then alternative rock and then it ends on a good note before by Thom Yorke, Jed and Lucia, Taken By Trees, Patrick Watson, Here We Go Magic, Sun Kil Moon, The Chemical Brothers, Tortoise, Dymaxion, Bibio, Tim Knol, My Autumn Empire, Clark, Beggin Your Pardon Miss Joan, Cathy Davey, Spectrals, Bob Marley, Future Islands, Roxy Music, Destroyer, Jens Lekman, Rachel Grimes, and The Walkmen.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Smokey Face

(May 15, 2012)


The latest mix, SMOKEY FACE, is a regular chilled out album with music spanning genres and even has a Deftones song thrown in there.  The direction of this mix is kinda wild and untamed, and harder to describe so you should probably just listen up and get your own idea from it.

Music by Clark, Cocteau Twins, Ensemble, Cock & Swan, Holy Sons, Jim O'Rourke, Au, Quasi, Here We Go Magic, The Nocturnes, M83, Deftones, Daniel Rossen, The Clientele, Beach House, Spiritualized, Lower Dens, Yellowbirds, Oneohtrix Point Never.

Mainly new music from artists that normally don't have any association with each other so it's interesting to hear them playing alongside each other.  Dig in.

Space-Time Continuum

(August 29, 2007)


From the summer of 06' to the summer of 07' I had become the Polynesiac.  I stopped working on the sequel to my first solo album, The Killegal: Morbidal View, for trip-hop music.  I had this whole concept going with tropical electronic-hip-hop music and would sample or create all my loops.  In the end I finished half the album and made this mixtape, which I introduce and close personally as The Killegal.

With that said, enjoy the lovely Tom Tyler along with Skalpel, Alan Moorhouse, Fila Brazillia, Red Snapper, Les Gammas, DJ Krush, The Cinematic Orchestra, Boys Band Trio, The Seatbelts (of the Cowboy Bebop fame), David Holmes, and Yesterday's New Quintet.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


(February 10, 2012)

I hope you're ready for it, because it is going to slip right underneath you and you will slip and just maybe fall if you aren't.  For those who are ready here's the last mix I finished, and it comes to you with warmth that could only be from the heart, that sweaty bloody organ that never stops from the moment you're born to the moment you die (or had too much fried chicken and you were scared by some hoodlums).

With voices from Cass McCombs, Wilco, Holy Sons, Future Islands, Anna Calvi, Beach House, The Dears, Asobi Seksu, Girls, Junip, Laura Gibson, Jim O'Rourke, an 1970's Italian prog rock band called Latte E Miele, M83, Grimes, DJ Cam, Tennis, Bill Bragg, and more (yes, there's more).

What a wicked line up, dig it.  Come'on.

D-O-W-N-L-O-A-D - H-E-R-E

Thursday, February 9, 2012


(November 10th, 2011)

I literally made this for my trip to NYC the next day and it didn't download to my ipod properly. Anyhoot, this is probably one of the best mixtapes I've made in a long long time and I still struggle to meet its perfect balance. I'm not even sure if I can be calling these things mixtapes anymore, mixes, and they're no longer under 80mins either too so that aren't even mix cd-r's.

To talk about the mixtape, it covers a span of music from 50 years back to today. I often find it easier to make mixes with music that is closer in year because of the vibe they portray as well as the sound aesthetic.

From the likes of The Herd, Cat Power, Jon Brion, Spiritualized, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Emiliana Torrini, Brian Eno, Kings of Convenience, David Gilmour, Bill Wells, Wilco, Bridget St. John, Donovan, Hope Sandoval, AA Bondy, Ohbijou, and Bryan Ferry to name them all. If you haven't liked any of the other mixes here but you're still willing to give this all a try, check this one, buddy.


Time We Disappear

(September 25, 2011)

This is one of those mixes that go in all sorts of directions and I'm not sure it works but it serves a testament to what I was listening to back then. You got a little bit of folk, chillwave, pop, electronic from AA Bondy, Ensemble, Atlas Sound, Bonobo, TV on the Radio, Twin Sister, Radiohead, Luke Temple, Elbow just to name a few. It's a big bad boy (BBB) so watch out.