Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soundtrack to Summer v3

(June 7th, 2010)

With furious legs, I've been a part of some vicious dance-offs, where bystanders lose a drink or two, where slow-pokes get slammed aside, and where the song never seems to end as two wilder than wicky-wicky-wild-wild-ers decide to fight with their legs, their arms, their own dance, their dance.
To a bear who sings like grace, and fools a crowd of rowdies into harmony and play. Singing nah-nah-naaah-nah-na-naah. All the ladies, All the men, NOW ALL'N TOGETHER NOW.
For a bird in my hand, fallen from her tree. I wished I could teach you how to fly again. I wish I could take your sadness away.
THIS, this summer, this warm weather, this smile on your face, this grim on mine, you know I know what's up, and I know you know what's going on. It. is. all. around. us. now. This feeling we call summer. Now here's a soundtrack.

(w/Clientele, Morning Benders, Tame Impala, Phosphorescent (keep in mind I can't spell, so you'll have to change your track from phospherous to phosphorescent), Broken Social Scene, Twin Sister, Ed Sharpe, Adele Diane, Avi Buffalo, Vetiver, A.A. Bondy, The National, Midlake)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Fourth of Faye

(December 7th, 2008)

(first of all, i would like to apologize for being absent for those still frequenting these grounds)

I remember a cold, a brisky cold, and bone-chilling day, and I remember feeling absolutely happy, crazy, and profoundly free. I was floating in the world I had forgotten. I was in a place that was something pure, angelic, and full of bliss. Maybe that won't come across in this mix, maybe it is a cold cut with moments of soft and warm feelings. And maybe this mix is too cold for such hot weather we've been having. But this mix is dear, it is special, and it needs to be out here for all of you to hear. Please, part-take.