Sunday, March 28, 2010

Does Destroy Us

(March 29th, 2010)

I remember how easy it was to make these mixes. The process hasn't changed much, it still takes a while, but when you're making your mixes for someone real special, they just come so easily. Perhaps I'm not making any sense, and I'm losing your attention before I even get down to my description of this mixtape on hand.
I wanted to make something fresh, something full of fullness, fruitful, and bursting with juice of all sorts. I want you to feel relaxed without being too relax. I want to take you away with a sound, an atmosphere, a chorus, and words. I want this to be a coming-back-home, and something new but familiar. Most of all, I want you to smile.
I really like your smile.

"Waiting, waiting for you, does this destroy us both, to fail with you, to drop out with you..." -This Guy

I am really rude, for a long time I've been meaning on getting someone I know, and in this case, love so much, yes, I'll tell you who this person eventually, but let me continue to flower her with how much she is just so grand, great, and dear friend, Brooke Manning (Loom, or otherwise), when you see her live, you just want to go up to her and say thank you.

And the rest!

The Antlers, Mark David Ashworth, Josh Rouse, The Acorn, Death In Vegas, jj, Coeur de Pirate, Morning Benders, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Ed Sharpe, Digger Darnes, Josephine Foster, Heather Woods Broderick...

Friday, March 19, 2010

How We Say Goodbye

(April 28th, 2009)

There's always something sad about saying goodbye to someone you really care for. But what about saying goodbye to someone you once was? What are the feelings mixed with that type of departure? To strip away, to put all the fragmented moments into a cigar box until the memory sweetens. I remember this was the easier way to say something that has always been hard to do. This sort of untilwemeetagain as you ride into the sunset and I ride into the darkness of the night.

Featuring High Llamas, St. Vincent, Joe Purdy, Elysian Fields, Elbow, Ruarri Joseph, Loose Fur, Broken Social Scene, Felice Brothers, Tara Jane O'Neil, Arborea, Magnet, and more if you can believe that.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Valley In The Heart

(October 18th, 2007)

With a crease and with a fold; a shift, and descent to a place we are traveling to. There is something exciting in the not-knowing factor to what lies ahead of us. For this mixtape, I remind a time of a lot of new things, and I also remember driving through Alberta to reach British Columbia, where there are grand golden fields broken by a strong wind. Just beyond are the Canadian Rockies, and the whole place turns into a timeless valley. This mix is great for a lot of things, and I want you to find a new experience with it.

With M. Ward, Do Make Say Think, Emiliana Torrini, Kings of Convenience, Beth Orton, Valley of the Giants, Sun Kil Moon, Smog, Jim O'Rourke, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, and More.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dealing with Dead Flowers

(January 3rd, 2009: I remember feeling really lonely)

And what happens when they aren't around, and all you have is what reminds? The things that drew you back to a time, and make you long for, are waiting, gone, or missing for an x-amount of time.

For a take-a-long, a journey seldomly taken, and taken alone. Of times of lonesomeness or for a mellow drive into the evening. For a day too bright for your tired eyes, and a smokey atmosphere you call your place of hiding. Let the tide roll back on this one. Let your body float, and as you wait for something to come washing back to shore.

Filled with Smog (Bill Callahan), Thief, my favorite Bon Iver song, Wilco, Doves, The Sea and The Cake, Kathryn Williams, Feist, Micah P. Hinson, Helio Sequence, Ned Collette (I tend to put them in every other mix, and only because I can't get enough of him, and I hope you can't either), Beth Orton, Jon Brion, and the rest I'll leave to your listening pleasure.