Tuesday, November 18, 2014


(November 17, 2014)

I know, Panties.  It just needed to be called that.  I mean the last "sexy" mix I made was called, Drop Trou.  So this seems to follow suit by saying, well you have dropped your pants now its time to drop your underwear.  I really don't want the title to throw you off and have you think this mix is not worthy of your time or that I'm a disgusting pig.  I just want you to have fun, to really get into the groove.  Maybe play this at a party or at the bar you might work at, play it at church if you go there.  It's the kind of music that you could imagine some club playing but instead they often play songs that are too house (deep house?), that they may lack some flavor.  I think I got your fix with this one.



Sunday, November 16, 2014

Without You

(October 3rd, 2014)


It was just hearing Airglow Fires by Lone, then Can't Do Without You by Caribou one night stoned and in a sort of chamber, with you, that night, and rather than going into a dark circle I imagined being in some warm place where there is no one else.  And then I heard Versions by Moderat and I just shit the bed.  It took me months and a lot of research finding all the songs on this mix that complement those three tracks that were on repeat throughout my summer.

Please enjoy this labor of love.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


(May 13th, 2014)


After hearing Julia Holter's Maxim I I wanted to carry that song in its own soundscape with songs that complemented it.  With this mix I wanted to create a space feels like a dream, the songs are full of atmosphere, are soft and hover while never touching down but floating just above the surface.  I sat on my mission to make this mixtape for more than half a year, compiling songs and letting new discoveries help fill the gaps.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Come On

(March 18th, 2014)


Though I consider this mixtape to be the usual sort that is made (having contemporary music usually ranging from indie to electronic) it holds its own.

-it is the second mix of this year and will be the last of its kind for a while (with ambience, dreamscape, and trip-hop mixes on their way)
-it has a few songs from artists I had a hard time including them in mixes (because I loved their albums as wholes)
-the energy in this mix is all over the place (in a good way)
-there are some goddamn gorgeous songs
-there is also a really nice cool-down, mellow, late night vibe in the middle
-you can expect the following: The War on Drugs, Bill Callahan, King Krule, Radiohead, Angel Olsen, Bibio, Courtney Barnett, Beth Gibbons of Portishead, Four Tet, Au, Mutual Benefit, Glasser, Jenny Hval, Cock & Swan, Ariel Pink, The Sea and Cake, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Melody's Echo Chamber, and Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse

That's that.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Nighthawk's Theme pt.I

(February 16th, 2014)


Get your groove on with this evening champion.  After six years of compiling music I finally got down to creating this mix and only managed to get through half of it.  When this half ends it just ends and leaves you waiting for the next half which will pick up where this one starts.  (not sure when that one will be done, but I've already started on it)

This is a bit of a throwback in terms of music, it is entirely trip-hop and electronic jazz from the early 2000s up to a few recent tracks.  Similar to a past trip-hop mix, Space/Time Continuum, I introduce this track myself.  You can expect the likes to be included: Tom Tyler, Butti 49, Yppah, Jazzanova, 4 Hero, Shigeto, Unforescene, The Cinematic Orchestra, Kid Loco, Woob, Jed and Lucia, Washed Out, Dr Rubberfunk, Skalpel, Coldcut, Siktransit, Bonobo, Fila Brazillia, DJ Cam, DJ Krush, The Seatbelts, Gentle People, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Tor, DJ Shuriken, and Brian Green and Saul Nathan.