Friday, June 29, 2012

Space-Time Continuum

(August 29, 2007)


From the summer of 06' to the summer of 07' I had become the Polynesiac.  I stopped working on the sequel to my first solo album, The Killegal: Morbidal View, for trip-hop music.  I had this whole concept going with tropical electronic-hip-hop music and would sample or create all my loops.  In the end I finished half the album and made this mixtape, which I introduce and close personally as The Killegal.

With that said, enjoy the lovely Tom Tyler along with Skalpel, Alan Moorhouse, Fila Brazillia, Red Snapper, Les Gammas, DJ Krush, The Cinematic Orchestra, Boys Band Trio, The Seatbelts (of the Cowboy Bebop fame), David Holmes, and Yesterday's New Quintet.

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