Sunday, March 28, 2010

Does Destroy Us

(March 29th, 2010)

I remember how easy it was to make these mixes. The process hasn't changed much, it still takes a while, but when you're making your mixes for someone real special, they just come so easily. Perhaps I'm not making any sense, and I'm losing your attention before I even get down to my description of this mixtape on hand.
I wanted to make something fresh, something full of fullness, fruitful, and bursting with juice of all sorts. I want you to feel relaxed without being too relax. I want to take you away with a sound, an atmosphere, a chorus, and words. I want this to be a coming-back-home, and something new but familiar. Most of all, I want you to smile.
I really like your smile.

"Waiting, waiting for you, does this destroy us both, to fail with you, to drop out with you..." -This Guy

I am really rude, for a long time I've been meaning on getting someone I know, and in this case, love so much, yes, I'll tell you who this person eventually, but let me continue to flower her with how much she is just so grand, great, and dear friend, Brooke Manning (Loom, or otherwise), when you see her live, you just want to go up to her and say thank you.

And the rest!

The Antlers, Mark David Ashworth, Josh Rouse, The Acorn, Death In Vegas, jj, Coeur de Pirate, Morning Benders, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Ed Sharpe, Digger Darnes, Josephine Foster, Heather Woods Broderick...

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