Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hell To Meet You

(September 18th, 2012)

...Hell To Meet You, it took us an earthly hell to meet, or the hell we put up with, or the hell to it.

After finishing Smokey Face I had a challenge to make a mixtape that still felt fresh, as diverse as that last one, and to also out do myself.  I owe a lot to a certain mix by Jazzanova and and another one by Bent that blew me away at mixtape perfection.  As per usual I take you on an acoustic journey from harsh harmonic electronic sounds and distortions to a beachy pop dream then washing that away with a darkly-lit scene deep in the woods and there comes the bridge.  We come out of that with a smooth-at-the-same-time crunchy sounds of electronic music then rock then jazz rock then new wave then alternative rock and then it ends on a good note before by Thom Yorke, Jed and Lucia, Taken By Trees, Patrick Watson, Here We Go Magic, Sun Kil Moon, The Chemical Brothers, Tortoise, Dymaxion, Bibio, Tim Knol, My Autumn Empire, Clark, Beggin Your Pardon Miss Joan, Cathy Davey, Spectrals, Bob Marley, Future Islands, Roxy Music, Destroyer, Jens Lekman, Rachel Grimes, and The Walkmen.


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